Enikö Szilágyi (Hungary)
Enikö Szilágyi (Hungary)


2 days workshop




The body is a meeting point of time layers.


Inner time, which we are made of, and the time outside of us, in relation to which we exist – these two rhythms meet in our body.

The perception of our inner rhythms makes our dance clearer, more determined and sophisticated.
How can an inner rhythm be visualised in the movement?
How do the inner and the outer meet in the body?
What is my own rhythm like compared to other rhythms and qualities? What is the connection between the rhythm and the quality of movement?

How can the experience of our inner time be connected to the rhythm of the outside? The presence of our body is a permanent and unconscious answer to this question.
How can we maintain our observer presence with the extension of our perception and with an open harmonisation with others during improvisation?

Enikő Szilágyi (Hungary)

performer, teacher and organizer.


        Starting out with a university degree at the Hungarian University of Physical Education as a teacher of physical education; teacher of APA (Adapted Physical Activity) and physiotherapist .

        She studied contemporary dance techniques, contact improvisation, acrobatics at Contemporary DanceLab School in Budapest. Since then she has been passionately involved in dancing and learned from various magnificent teachers from all over the world.


        She has been deeply influenced by Jess Curtis, Karen Schaffman, Cyrus Khambatta, Caroline Waters, Gábor Goda, Eszter Gál, Daniel Lepkoff, Ray Chung, Hanna Barbara, Scott Wells, Eva Karczag, Vicky Shick, Nora Hajos, Martin Keogh, Alicia Grayson, Malcolm manning and Carol Swann.


        As a perfomer, she has participated in various research projects on improvisation and performance. She worked, among others, with Caroline Waters, Luke Johnson, Risa Takita, Tibor Molnár, CandoCo Dance Company and Toshi Makihara.


        Currently she dances for the Hungarian Tánceánia Company (an integrated dance company in Budapest) and TetraEther Group. Enikő is one of the founding members of ArtMan Movement Therapy and Art Association (founded in 2005).


        Apart from dancing, she teaches contact improvisation, in which she has been involved for more than 19 years, and her own improvisation system what called ’sphere’.


        Besides, she works as a guest instructor at the Hungarian University of Physical Education where she teaches "development of body awareness". Enikő is one of the organizers of the Hungarian Kontakt Budapest Festival, several workshops and other improvisation events.


        She sees her main interest in consciousness, perception, improvisation and the transformation of movement.